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The arrival of the baby you waited for such a long time is the most emotional and happy moment in your life! You cannot stop staring at your baby and admiring how perfect the nature has created them. The time in your life when you welcome your new baby into your family you will remember and cherish forever, yet these are very short lived. They change every day and before you know it they have grown up.

Let us capture that beauty and those moments together in the most beautiful manner!

We would love to create timeless classical newborn portraits of your baby and you to treasure throughout your lifetime. We will organise everything for you, and stylise your session in colour palette of your choice with beautiful natural accessories for the little one and beautiful gowns for the new mom. You can be assured that your baby will be kept and posed safely and comfortably at all times. Our philosophy is based on capturing beautiful images in a baby-lead session, adopting to the needs of YOUR baby. And we know that every baby is different. We are very supportive of breastfeeding and you will be able to breastfeed your baby in a comfortable relaxing environment as much as needed throughout your newborn photo session in our studio.

We will also provide you with a guide on how to prepare for your newborn session to ensure we could capture the most beautiful poses of your gorgeous newborn baby. We know you are tired and sleep deprived but we will do everything in our power to provide a beautiful experience for you in our photo studio. We would like you to remember the newborn photography experience as an enjoyable one, even being tired and sleep deprived.

Looking at your beautiful newborn photos, you will be able to travel back in time to experience the beautiful emotions you felt those moments, holding and cuddling the little one in your arms.

The studio has every accessory you could imagine for your bundle of joy and their newborn photoshoot – bonnets and hats, headbands, knitted animal toys, rompers, flowers, baskets, little wooden beds, buckets, wraps…

All our photo packages include both professional prints and digital photo files. Special promotional packages are available for pregnancy and newborn photo sessions reserved at the same time (saving EUR 100).

When is the best time to photograph a newborn baby and when is it best to book a session? We like holding the newborn photo sessions between days 6 and 14 after the birth – after the baby returns back from hospital and mom’s milk comes in (in case of breastfeeding). During these first couple of weeks babies adopt curly womb like position naturally – this looks beautiful on their photos; babies fall asleep more easily and sleep deeper, so we can more easily pose them and capture naked poses too; they are calmer and settle faster, they are not prone to colics yet.

If it is not possible to schedule a newborn session during the first two weeks after the baby is born, then we sometimes have a limited availability to hold a session up until 6 weeks (please consult us if it is possible at this particular moment). Please note that many newborn positions will not be possible for such older babies. During these sessions we take more awake images as well as photos with parents and siblings. Most often, the baby will need to be swaddled – to be comfortable and secure during the newborn photoshoot.

Therefore, it is very important to book your newborn photo session with us as early as possible. We recommend booking your newborn photo session in advance during your pregnancy based on the estimated due date. We will always adjust your session date according to the actual date of birth of your baby, be it earlier or later. In fact, most of our clients book their pregnancy photos and newborn photos sessions together and therefore, we are often booked out months in advance. While we do not want to disappoint anyone who loves our work and would like to book a session with us after the birth, in most cases it is indeed impossible as our availability is limited, to guarantee the highest level of services we aim at providing.

We thank you very much for considering us for your new baby portraits and we will do everything possible to create beautiful memories for your family to last a lifetime … Would like to book a session or received more information? Please call at + 32 474 39 33 36.

Baby safery & comfort

The comfort and safety of your baby is our utmost concern. Please rest assured that we have been trained in newborn posing and follow strictly the safety rules advised by paediatricians and the leaders in the newborn photography industry.

We will not attempt to pose your baby in an uncomfortable or unsafe position (please note that some newborn images you might see in internet involve a composite – two shots merged together, for baby’s safety).

Newborn posing involves a lot of education (including on safety) and practical training. For this reason, we urge you not to attempt to recreate the images involving newborns you might find online yourself at home (please note – the above image is a composite achieved in the Photoshop, at no point was the baby left without hands supporting her).

All of the necessary vaccinations of the photographer and members of her family (including against whopping cough) are up to date.

At our studio we allow for plenty of time to comfort, feed and settle the babies. The room temperature is set very warm for the maximum comfort of the newborns and is constantly controlled during the session. The newborn babies are fed/breastfed during the session as many times as the baby needs. We encourage breastfeeding for those who breastfeed and will not rush you (please do not be pressured to use bottles of supplement for breastfed babies if you do not want to). While the use of pacifiers could greatly help the conduct of the session, if parents prefer not to use them, we will not give them to babies. We will never ask the mom to stay at a distance out of the fear that her sent will wake the baby up (we do however ask new parents not to hover over the photographer’s shoulder for the sake of the baby’s safety ).