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Where is your studio located?

The studio is located at 101/2 Bd Saint Michel (2nd floor), 1040 Brussels, Montgomery

Are the outfits offered by the studio or do we have to bring our own clothes?
We have absolutely everything – the wardrobe of 50+ dresses for women (pregnancy and other outfits), natural silks, flower crowns, jewelry, scarves and turbans. For newborns and children we have absolutely all the outfits and accessories in a wide variety of colors. If you want to bring an outfit or two or the sentimental pieces – you are of course welcome!
When should we book our session?
We always recommend that you book sessions well in advance, especially pregnancy and newborn sessions – to avoid disappointment if there are no more places. The majority of our customers book 2 to 4 months in advance. It is close to impossible to have a place for the newborn session if it was not reserved during pregnancy, as these time sensitive sessions are scheduled for up to 2 weeks after birth.
Is it better to book the newborn session together with the pregnancy session, is there a discount?
Yes, there is a reduction of EUR 100 for the newborn session booked at the same time as the pregnancy session. Majority of our clients opt for booking these sessions together.
When is it best to take pregnancy photos and newborn photos?
For the pregnancy session we recommend 28-31 weeks to fully benefit from the experience we offer. Afterwards there is often water retention in the face and the fatigue associated with the end of pregnancy. For the newborn it is important to do the session within 2 weeks after birth, as many babies are not easy to pose for photos after the 3rd week, as they often have colics and do not sleep deeply.
When do the sessions take place?
The sessions take place in the mornings or early afternoon (except newborns which always take place in the mornings) on working days (Mon-Fri). There are no sessions during the weekends.
How long is the session?
The duration of a newborn photo shoot is about 3-4 hours (to have time to breastfeed and settle the baby to sleep), the pregnancy / family shoot is about 1.5-2 hours.
Is it easy to park near your studio?
Yes, it’s easy to find the space on the street, often even in front of the door. Please note that parking on the street is paid (the machine is on the opposite side of the street)!
Can I ask to take the photos that I saw on the internet that I liked?
During the shoot, photos will be taken in accordance with the photographer’s style featured on the website However, we take the photos requested by the clients within the limits of the reasonable and technically possible. The client understands and accepts that the needs of the newborn are paramount and will not ask the photographer to try poses that the Photographer considers uncomfortable or dangerous for the baby.
If I am on medical rest, but I would like to take the pregnancy photos, what would you advise me?
Since your baby’s health is the most important thing, we recommend that you refrain from photoshoots until the very end of your pregnancy and always seek medical advice. Any pregnancy complications must be communicated to the photographer when booking the session. If you were on a long-term medical rest and for this reason did not book your session in advance, but your doctor allowed you to resume activity towards the end of the pregnancy, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will try to accommodate you if at all possible.
If I get sick (or the baby is sick), can we postpone the session?
Yes of course ! In the event of illness, the Client undertakes to inform the Photographer as soon as possible. The Photographer will suggest a later date for the session. The photographer also has the right to report the session in case of concerns about her own health.
How does it work for breastfed babies during the session if they are often hungry?
During the session, the photographer will respect the baby’s rhythm and will allow as many feedings (including breastfeeding) as the parents deem necessary.
How many images can I buy ?
Our customers are free to purchase as many images as they want. The more you buy, the cheaper the more bonus products you will get. After 8 images there is a considerable reduction, and you will receive a free folio box made in Italy for your photos.
Can I choose which images I want to purchase?
Yes of course ! We work to create the images that you will love all your life. After the session, a gallery of around 30 most beautiful images will be manually edited and printed on the paper of your choice and in the format of your choice. We invite you 2-3 weeks after your session to choose your images in the studio. There is no purchase obligation or minimum purchase. You buy what you love and what you want to have in your life!
Can I order the albums or wall prints?
The studio offers a wide range of high quality photographic products that the clients can select during the reveal appointment. We work with the best fine art ateliers located in Italy and England.
Do I receive digital files?
The digital files of the photos purchased will be offered in JPEGS format with the digital signature of the photographer.
Can I have all the photos taken (not even retouched)?
Like every photographer worthy of his name, we do not sell the raw images because they are not representative of our work.
Can we see the selection of photos online to choose them at home?
No – the selection of photos is done personally in the studio and on the basis of the photos printed and presented in their passepartout. No digital photo will be sent for the purpose of selection by the Customer either by email or by any other means of downloading.
Do I have to decide or prepay the number of photos in advance?
The customer can decide the number of images to buy during the selection appointment after seeing the final product – retouched and printed.
What are the deadlines for receiving the photos?
Customers can take printed photos with them on the day of photo selection, after the full payment. They will receive the retouched digital photos and digital albums within several days. Custom printed products may take 5-7 weeks (depending on the product). The customer is responsible for collecting the products printed at the studio, as postage involves the risk of damage.