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In addition to the newborn session, different sessions are proposed to capture major milestones in your baby’s development during the first year of life: being able to hold up lying on their tummy (4-6 months); sitting up without support (7-9 months); first birthday (discovery of their first cake and smashing it, bath after the cake smash or simply sitting up playing). Parents have as much fun as babies during these sessions!

Babies change so quickly during the first year!

The frequent question parents pose: “What is the best time to capture memories of our bbay during the first year?” The most popular sessions being newborn and cakesmash for the 1st birthday, if you would like to have smiley and versatile expressive photos of your child, there is no better time period than 4-9 months.

At 4-6 months babies are the most smiley, they literally LOVE the camera and smile all the time. Parents adore those photos. If in newborn photos, the baby will be sleeping in most of them (although we try to capture a few awake images too), in the 4-6 months milestone photos your baby will be smiling at you lying on his/her tummy or rolling on their back trying to catch her feet and even put them in the mouth! We can also have photos taken of the baby posed in some basket with the back support. When babies start sitting (but not crawling yet!), typically, around 8-9 months is the time limit when we photograph them.

For some reason, most babies develop stranger fear and camera fear towards 10 months. We therefore, cannot guarantee the smiley outcome of the photoshoot if it is scheduled for after 9 months.

What about the cake smash? These are hugely popular first birthday sessions, and we have put a lot of effort to develop a strategy to keep babies as cooperative as possible. Because cake smashers are hard! Parents will be surprised to discover that their baby is not so much thrilled to eat the cake!

To spare them some shock and to succeed in capturing beautiful photos we provide parents with a preparatory guide to ensure we get the images you will love! As with the newborn sessions, we have plenty of outfits hand made of natural materials for both and girls as well as beautiful gowns for moms. Older siblings are welcome too (and we have wardrobe for them as well). These sessions are shorter than newborn sessions as babies are awake and get tired.

We schedule them individually adopting the start of the session to the nap time of the baby. Most importantly, you do not have to worry about anything as we take care of everything. You just need to communicate us your favorite colors!

We have special packages “First year of your baby – 3 sessions for the price of 2”, please contact us by phone + 32 474 39 33 36. We offer beautiful handmade photographic products to display and enjoy your photos – albums, canvasses, fine art prints…