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Children / family

They are our everything! Beautiful, amazing, innocent, funny, incredible, smart, creative, loving – they are all this and so much more. Parents’ love to their children is total and unconditional and we want to capture this love and the happiest moments together in timeless classical portraits for you to cherish and admire the lifetime! 

We take pride in realising commissions for stylised children’s and family photo sessions and nothing is as amazing as the opportunity to create multigenerational portraits of the whole family – with children, parents, grandparents and even great-grandparents. These portraits are so much treasured by families, they become the real family heirloom. Grandparents have often tears of happiness and emotion in their eyes when they see the finished product. Children treasure them ever more growing up…

We often encounter parents who love beautiful portraits of their children but they do not value as much their own photographs (often saying they are not photogenic and it is all for children). We always advise them to take some portraits together during the children photo session anyway – they often agree seeing the final images that these are portraits their children will LOVE having in their lives when they are grown. In fact, they will be their most precious possessions. Because family IS precious and having a memory of their parents with them when they were little is something that will be treasured forever and passed through generations.

You will have a private consultation on how to get the best out of your session. All sessions are individually planned and thought through allowing for children’s interests and hobbies to be taken into account. We plan, assemble and coordinate the wardrobes of all family members, create unique concepts, with accessories and color schemes to match your idea of where you will place your portraits, as they often are created for the wall display!

There are few things more amazing than watch siblings interact, especially when they are still little. Therefore, we love capturing images of siblings playing together instead of simply posing and we have a number of tasteful and entertaining accessories and toys that children love!

We offer Christmas themed family sessions to be used as Christmas cards. Christmas themed photos can also be taken during a regular photo session (limited availability, please consult us). However there are many occasions in ours (and our children’s lives) we can celebrate with a family session: Christening, going to school, birthday (child’s, parents, grandparents’), Communion, graduation, or just because you redecorate your house and want a nice portrait on dispalay!

We provide beautiful handmade photographic products to display and enjoy your photos – albums, canvasses, fine art prints… For full information on children/family photo session as well as tariffs, please consult the ‘tariffs and info’.