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There is something special in the expression that future mothers project! There is never a better moment to celebrate your womanhood and beauty and there is no other more perfect way to do so than capturing your pregnancy on a photo.

No worries about extra weight or bloated face – we will make sure you look gorgeous on every photo! We have photographed MANY women of all sizes, shapes, ages and ethnicities and we know what women do and do not like in themselves, what they feel less confident about (and we will also ask you about things you do not like and like about yourself J). We know how to pose our clients in the most flattering way to ensure a gorgeous result. We genuinely believe there are no non-photogenic people. We will make sure you will love yourself on your photos taken by us – even if you cannot believe it yet.

We highly recommend to schedule your pregnancy session not too far along in your pregnancy to take place between 28-30 weeks of pregnancy being an ideal period.

In our pregnancy photo sessions, our aim is to offer future moms more than just amazing photos to remember this magical period in their lives. This day we want you to feel like a celebrity or a supermodel. The photoshoot at our Studio is an experience for an expecting mom to enjoy and feel beautiful – a day of pampering with possibility of a professional hair styling/makeup, the enormous choice of gowns and silks from our extensive wardrobe. You will have a private on phone or in person consultation with the possibility to try different gowns. Nothing fits you? You will be able to choose from a catalogue and we order a special dress just for you.

We encourage future dads and older siblings to come along with you for your pregnancy photo session and will be happy to capture family photos for you as well as solo portraits of your older children at no extra charge.

We provide amazing handmade outfits for future big brothers/sisters and we advise on styling for men.

Each image is thoroughly retouched to achieve a perfect result, including skin retouching – but our aim is to have a natural looking photo without changing you !

We strive to offer our clients the best of a photographic experience – which for us means not only providing the highest quality of photos but also printing your images as wall art, albums and fine prints of unparalleled  professional quality and at best prices – that you would not be able to buy online or in photo shops. We work with top international ateliers that offer fine art prints and albums in natural leather, suede, velvet, linen. The possibilities are limitless for designing your portrait collection for you.

Let us start creating your dream portraits! Get in touch to schedule a free phone consultation, call at + 32 474 39 33 36.